museum pavilion 5

The proposal for museum pavilion 5 is a connection between the public and exhibition spaces, and an intent to engage more people with exploring and visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. The ground floor with clear glass wall is open to the street with no visual obstruction, where the space is designed for public exhibition and encourages local artists/students to submit and display their works. Most of the private exhibition spaces are located on the upper floors and are connected with the atriums at the heart of the pavilion. The atrium divided each upper floor into two exhibition spaces with different sizes, which allows the curators more freedom with arranging art displays according different themes and scales.

Visitors are able to discover different exhibition going on at different floors through the interior façade around the atrium from both the  the ground floor or the stairs so that they can be attracted to proceed further to the upper exhibition spaces.

Similar façade system is also applied on the exterior, where it wraps around the building to create an united  form; meanwhile it permits different kinds of light going into the museum from different locations. At last, the width of the louver corresponds to the brick material in the adjacent museum; the front edge of the pavilion is slightly sloped and touches the adjacent buildings on both sides, calling for a harmony on Rue Bishop.

(an museum extension for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. instructed by Howard Davies. 2013 fall)