recent work_

_Meng Architects

//2018.11_Zhuhai Hengqin District cultural complex design

//2018.8_Shenzhen Bayern Football School conceptual design

//2018.8_Qinghuangdao urban design competition(2nd place)

//2018.5_Hubei Jingchu Wonderland urban design

//2018.4_Longgang Second People’s Hospital competition

//2018.3_Two kindergarten(Shenzhen No.2 Kindergarten + Lotus Second Village Kindergarten)

//2017.12_Cultural groups (5 pavilions) + urban design competition in Yancheng Southern Sea District.

//2017.12_Webank Tower competition(2nd place)

//2017.9_Longhua Tongfu Village urban design (city renewal project)

//2017.6_Pingshan Foreign Language School Phase 2 (extension)

//2017.5_Pinghu Financial and Modern Service Industry complex competition

//2017.4_Baoding Industrial Park Exhibition Centre

//2017.3_Jinjiang Science and Education Park Phase 2


_McGill SOA

//2017.9-12_SFHM comptition



//2017.11_Jacques Rougerie Foundation, Space competition (winner)