murdoch laing house

Located in the Plateau area, a dwelling for the visiting scholars should not only provide a comfortable living environment, but also enable the scholars to adapt and experience the rich local culture and history from everyday living. By integrating the key elements and spacial organization of the most typical Montreal plex, the design is striving to create a characteristic Montreal living in an innovative, educational, and sustainable way.

Structure as light-frame construction with cross-laminated timber cladding, in respond to the plank-on-plank construction on traditional Montreal plex.

Façade with large glass panels and wood frames that simulate pitched roof shape. Allowing adequate sunlight getting in.

Floor Plan with L-shape, which allows sunlight to reach the space in the center of the dwelling.

Spiral Staircase, as a unique feature in Montreal plex, the staircase is brought into interior and to connect between the public and the private.

Patio, a popular gathering space, which overlooks the back yard and comfortably accommodates a wide range of outdoor events.

Meditation Room, located on the top floor in the dwelling, is a complete separate space with only access from the patio, which provides more quiet and intimate personal space.

(A house for the Canada Arts Council recipients of the Council’s Residence Bursary in Montreal. instructed by Avi Friedman, Itai Peleg. 2013 winter)