Yuteng (Elvis) is currently a junior architect at Meng Architects(孟建民建筑工作室), Shenzhen. He holds M.Arch and B.Sc(Arch) from McGill School of Architecture and has practice experiences across Canada and China.


Recent news_

//2019.02_Terra Chronicles was featured on EXACTING FANTASY-Architecture

//2018.08_PSFLS now under construction

//2018.08_also interesting to see two projects invovled during MCAI and IBI was on news… 1125 Granville & 5812 – 5888 Cambie

//2018.08_a while ago – first involved project during MCAI now on sale

//2018.04_lead architect in Shenzhen No.2 Kindergarten redevelopment project – which in in design development phase now

//2017.06_lead architect in Pingshan Foreign Language School Phase 2

//2017.05_obtained diploma from McGill University, M.Arch graduated

//2017.03_started working @Meng Architects as junior architect

//2016.12_ won Jacques Rougerie International Competition, “Innovation and Architecture for Space” first prize. News was announced in Jacques Rougerie Foundation website and McGill SOA website.